We all know how hard it is to achieve the body we have always wanted but at the same time, not all of us would like to undergo pins and needles of cosmetic surgery has to offer. 

There is another way for you to enhance the body that you have through Non-invasive cosmetic treatment or slimming strategies. If we say Non-invasive, it means that the use of tools and other medical equipment to physically enter the body would not be present at the same time, it would be less painful than it would be during a cosmetic surgery.

Non-invasive slimming treatments are more accessible and more advanced now than it was before to address the physical aspects that don’t actually please us. 

Here are some Q&A’s to guide you on your slimming journey from our Principal Therapist; Mae Romero-Do Thanh.

  1. How is fat gained and stored in the body – and what make some areas so hard to target to slim down naturally? 

Calories in the food we consume are translated as energy which our bodies use to function. Generally speaking, excess calories in our food intake that our bodies are not able to use, metabolize or “burn” would be stored as fat.

Due to physiology, there really are just some areas of our bodies that have more fat cells than others and in these areas is where we would experience difficulty in making the fat budge. Moreover, this may be controversial to some or a number of people would disagree but, according to a lot of researches it would seem like there is little evidence supporting spot reduction through exercising that specific area. 

  1. Maybe it’s an obvious one but… What are the pros to non-invasive rather than invasive contouring/slimming procedures?

First and foremost, non-invasive fat loss procedures may be the option of choice for people who are scared of surgery because it would not involve all the pain and discomfort of a surgical procedure. 

These type of procedures also just take a little bit of the client’s time in the day for a session. They can come in and out of the appointment with little to no downtime.

Also, it does not require a big commitment on the client’s part. If they do not like the procedure – the effects or how it feels like, they can stop at any time or opt for a different treatment. Unlike a surgical procedure, you would have to live with any negative effects or results if there are any.

  1. What kind of results can you expect for non-invasive – and how does this differ to invasive?

Depending on the current state of one’s physique, non-invasive results may range from natural to dramatic.

Invasive treatments have the capability to take out big amounts of fat so the results will be more dramatic in just one session but as we may already expect, this would involve incisions and anesthesia.

  1. Do they still work if it’s the only change you make – ie, no diet or lifestyle changes?

If no lifestyle change be implemented, one would be limiting the results that can be achieved with the procedures. Any treatment, whether invasive or non-invasive would always yield the best results when combined with proper nutrition and exercise.

  1. How do both of these differ from natural fat reduction?

As already mentioned, diet and exercise may impact fat loss but it may do little if one is targeting a specific area. Treatments, may they be invasive or non-invasive may just help with that. 

  1. What make a fat cell different from other cells – how are only fat cells targeted in certain areas without other tissue being affected?

Fat cells respond to stimuli such as temperature. This is why most of non-invasive procedures would have some type of thermal technology as the modality for circumference reduction.

 The resistance of fat cells to heat energy is more than the muscle or the skin which makes the fat cells absorb more of the energy when the body is subjected to it as a natural response of protecting the surrounding tissues. The more energy they absorb, the more likely they will undergo cell death or size reduction which results into the slimming down of the treatment area.

The Branding Room offers Two of the most effective body contouring and slimming treatments in the industry; Velashape II and Arosha Body Wraps + Pressotherapy. 

  1. Please talk us through those two slimming/circumferential reduction/ body contouring treatments that you have.

Velashape which is an FDA approved treatment for circumference and cellulite reduction. We also have Arosha Body Wraps combined with Pressotherapy (mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment) which is an excellent complement to Velashape for achieving better and faster results.

  1. What is the science behind how this treatment works?

Velashape combines 3 technologies – Infrared, Bi-polar Radio Frequency and Mechanical Vacuum. The device causes the heating of the fat cells for them to die or reduce in size. The heat also stimulates the other cells to produce more collagen which contributes to skin tightening. The vacuum suction of Velashape induces lymphatic drainage which aids in flushing away the dead fat cells as well as water retention in the body.

  1. How long do the effects stay?

Effects would last depending on the physiology and the lifestyle of the client as it is with any other procedure whether invasive or non-invasive. We recommend doing at least 4 sessions on the treatment area spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. Once ideal results are achieved, maintenance sessions in form of once a month treatments are highly recommended to enjoy lasting effects.

  1. How do you ensure nervous customer that it’s safe?

The United States’ FDA has very stringent procedures when approving devices, treatments and goods for consumers. As Velashape is FDA approved, that alone can give one the confidence that not only is this treatment safe it is effective as well.

  1. What are the pros and cons of this compared to other treatments?

The pros of this treatment is that there is little to no downtime and discomfort involved. Aside from that, if the client is already at her almost ideal body weight and shape a course of treatment for Velashape may be cheaper than other procedures in the market.

Obviously, one con to the procedure is that a course of treatment need to be done in order to see results. 

  1. Who is this right for?

Non-invasive slimming procedures are great for people who are “almost there” in achieving their ideal bodies because it will help them target specific areas.

Those who are on their weight loss journey may also benefit from these treatments because it will help them get on-track faster and may also aid with avoiding the side effects of fat loss such as loose and sagging skin.

Clients who have undergone liposuction are also encouraged by doctors to supplement their treatment with non-invasive procedures to optimize their results as well as tightening the skin of the area.

Now that you have an idea of it, you can book a consultation and trial of our slimming strategies to see which one suits best for you! Call or message us on 055 848 9154 to book an appointment.


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